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Various dictionaries compatible with the Dictionary. Each dictionary is organized based on its "base language" - the language it is meant to be read in. Dictionaries should be labeled using the ISO standard. Most should be labeled using their respective ISO two-character codes where possible. If the language does does not have an code, use its ISO code instead. Please report any dictionaries breaking the standards. Note: I do not recommend this installation method. Consider using the pre Open Dictionary.

Bahasa Dictionary

Click File , then Open Dictionaries Folder. Simply drag-'n-drop your xxx. Note that this will only install the dictionary for the current user. If you wish to install for all users, follow the pre Open a Finder window. Then put your xxx. The file should then show up in the tab bar. Please use GitHub Issues to report any problems.

Open Dictionary from Macmillan Dictionary: Free English Dictionary Online with Thesaurus

Give descriptive labels, and be nice! It supports many languages.

However, each language has its own app. Thus, the experience remains lightweight and simple.

Free Download Dictionary English Indonesia For Pc Offline

This version does the basic stuff like translations between Indonesian and English and vice versa. Some other features include complete offline support, a decent design, image support, and it can quickly translate words in other apps. It performed admirably during our testing. The free version contains ads.

Publisher Description

The premium version does not, but the price is just a little steep. English Indonesian Translator is a simple, lightweight translator app. It translates from English to Indonesian and vice versa.

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Some of the other features include support for voice translation, image, and drawing translations. Additionally, you get audio pronunciations. There are some bugs but nothing serious.

Get a Sigital English-Indonesian Dictionary with Kamus

Most people should be fine with it. Google Translate is probably the best app for English to Indonesian dictionaries or phrasebooks. It translates between languages online and 59 languages offline typing only. Additionally, the app uses your camera to translate things like street signs or restaurant menus. It can even translate full conversations in real time.

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It also includes some very light learning tools and a bookmarking system. We recommend this one first. Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus Shorter Oxford English Dictionary 6 ed. Articles about english dictionary. Best Chrome productivity extensions. How to fix a slow computer. These are the 10 best anime on Netflix. Google Assignments takes the pain out of grading papers.

Oxford Dictionary of English. Windows , Mac , iPhone. Sinhala-English Dictionary. Advanced English Dictionary.

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