How to backup your iphone to a new mac

Apple has automated most of the backup and restore process, simplifying the process of setting your new "home" computer. Connect your iPhone to your new computer and right-click it in the Devices menu of iTunes. Select "Backup.

Dedicated Tool to Backup iPhone to Mac

Wait for iTunes to finish restoring your device using the backup you created. ITunes reinstalls the software for your iPhone and then restores it making the new computer your default computer. As a professional writer, she has written for Education. Martin contributed English translations for a collection of Japanese poems by Misuzu Kaneko.

She has worked as an educator in Japan, and she runs a private voice studio out of her home. She writes about education, music and travel. Skip to main content. The C drive in question is purposely small at around 15gb to allow for a Windows XP install only; with all other data being stored on other drive letters.

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By deleting old backups, we can save much space for the new data like apps, songs, and videos. This cannot be changed.

How to Sync iPhone to New Mac without Losing Data

Just like we did for Windows users, in this post we are going to show you how to move iPhone or iPad backups to a new Mac and sync without losing any data. Start your backup. How to delete iTunes Backup Files from Mac. If you don't perform this step, iTunes won't be able to back up your iPhone or iPad anymore. I use the cloud daily but make an encrypted iTunes backup weekly.

How To Migrate Your Data from An OLD Mac to A NEW Mac

The default directory for iTunes is in the C: Drive, the system partition. Carbonite backup solutions provide comprehensive protection for your data center, with flexible deployment options and multi-platform support, plus powerful high availability plans to protect your critical systems from disruptions of any kind. End of Search Dialog. The disadvantages of doing a local iTunes backup are 1 the size of the backups and 2 being tied to a single computer for your backups.

This may take a while, depending on how many files you have, and how fast your network is. Wait for iTunes to finish backing up and saving your data. Service is good for 30 days. On Mac, you can also change the default iTunes backup location within few minutes using command lines.

If you want to save space on your hard drive, change the location to an external or network drive. As such, the location of a backup from an iPhone on a Windows PC may differ from that found on Mac machine. Click the Back Up Now button and wait for the backup to complete. Create a new iTunes backup folder on another drive. You have a Mac and an iPhone and you backup your iPhone file to the Mac.

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  6. Bookmark the permalink. Next, you will have to select " Open command. So where are iTunes backup files and folders located on your computer. In this situation, you can change iTunes backup location to the other drive that has enough. How to view iTunes backup file on PC or Mac However, finding the backup file doesn't mean you've really got it. You can move the entire backup folder which contains backups from all of your iOS devices this is the easiest but takes up the most space , or you can move individual device backups a bit trickier but allows you to move just the device backups you want.

    How to delete old iPhone and iPad backups and save gigabytes of space on your hard drive. For whatever reasons, you want to move or copy your old backup data saved by iTunes to other location or External drive. In this article is how to use FolderMove system to adjust the default backup locale of iTunes employed to backup Apple iphone and iPad. Learn more. Run iTunes, and create backups. Follow these simple steps to find this folder and locate your iTunes backup files.

    How to move your iTunes Media folder. Make sure that the drive where you have created the MobileSync folder has enough free space to back up your entire iOS device. I purposefully installed iTunes to D: and have manually moved my iTunes library to D:,. Running out of space on your Mac or Windows and want to backup iTunes library on an External Hard disk? Here is a tutorial on how to backup iTunes library to External Hard Disk to free space on your hard drive. We'll also cover how to change your default backup method. Depending on the size of the library, the transfer could take a long time.

    Step Two Navigate to the MobileSync directory by inputting the following command and pressing Return. Another option is simply to delete the backups in that folder and start again. If you have ever troubled by the problem of changing iTunes backup location on Windows, this post is exactly what you need.

    How to change iTunes backup location to store on another place? Find the answers in this post. Select the Summary tab. The space on your primary partition will be constantly reducing with the ever-expanding iOS backup folder.

    Backup and restore iPhone

    Stream Any Content. As time goes by, the primary disk would be not large enough to store the data. To download from the iTunes Store, get iTunes now.

    Transferring your iPhone or iPad to a new Mac | Alphr

    No way I would trust the cloud when changing phones. For iPhoto, this is of critical importance in that any image added to iPhoto is copied into the library unlike iTunes, which simply. Unlike the location of backup folder varies from the operating system on Windows, Mac store the iTunes backup data in the same location.

    Apple iTunes allows for the full backup of all your iDevices on your computer. The process is almost the same whether you use Windows or Mac. Quote from apple. To transfer Private Photo Vault to your new phone: 1 On your old phone, backup your phone to iTunes by plugging your phone into your computer and launching iTunes. Changing the iTunes backup location is a good start but if you really want to get the job done why not claim back additional PC space from iTunes?

    CopyTrans TuneSwift allows you to move the entire iTunes library contents including songs, playlists, podcasts, books, apps etc. Ensure that Encrypt iPhone backup option IS.

    But now you want to change iCloud settings, and you are having difficulty locating the program or utility that you need to access. It keeps hourly backups for the past 24 hours, daily backups for the past month, and weekly backups until your backup drive is full. You can disconnect after the sync finishes.