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Was this serial number inadvertently transferred from my other Mac rather than sending me a new one? A new purchase of Flip4Mac should have a new serial number.

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Just in case there's an unforeseen issue with version make sure you download 3. Once you confirm that doesn't fix the issue, fill out the form and include the serial number and, if need be, we can deactivate on our end. Have you installed anything on that Mac recently? Hello, I am not quite replying to this post, though I am having a similar problem, but I cannot find how to post a new question. I have followed the instructions to instal it, and when I copy and paste my serial number that was emailed to me, a box pops up with the message "There has been a licensing problem, Engine could not be loaded Actually I have just hd success.

Would still like to know how to post a question though. Upper right of this web page you'll see the words "new topic" followed also by "profile" "help" "dashboard" "home" "logout" Glad to hear you solved the activation issue. OMG, simple really. Are you sure that was there before. Just kidding, but thanks for that.

All good. You're welcome of course. Forget your user name? Join Telestream Community Forum Forums! Forget your login information? Episode - Scalable Media Encoding Application. Pipeline Network Encoder. ScreenFlow - Professional Screencasting Studio.

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Wirecast - Webcasting. At this point, I'm unable to continue so have to quit the installer. Any ideas? Thanks, DHudson.

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Join To Reply : Top : Bottom. When running the installer you should not have to purchase if 3.

Normally it would go from License and skip to Installation Type in my experience. Please check in Flip4Mac system preference pane Upgrade tab to see that it shows Studio Pro and your serial number.

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System Preferences "lock tab" was locked, so all of the options were grayed out. Of course it HAD been activated at some point in the past six months since I set the Mac up, or that information wouldn't have been present. Something caused it to kick out into an unactivated state even though it had all the data to BE activated. Anyway, clicking "click the lock to make changes" and clicking 'Activate,' which was now enabled, worked like a charm. Looks like there are two takeaways for the developers You can't rely on the button state of "Activate Serial Number" to indicate that it has not been activated.

Thanks, - DHudson. Please do fill out the form and link to this thread to make the recommendations to the developers.

Flip4Mac Studio Pro HD Serial Number For Mac OS X Free Download

Running MacBook Pro brand new I see that it says Flip4Mac Player Pro in the preferences but when saving the file, it never finishes It tells be to upgrade but I already did??? It's not clear what your complete workflow is. Flip Player is a player. You are correct. I'd need technical information and exact workflow to troubleshoot.

Thanks for your assistance OS X Version QuickTime Player Version Flip Player 3.

My goal is to import. I import them by loading them from a portable flash drive. I don't know if I have installed the Flip4Mac pro that I purchased. Thanks again for your help. System Preferences, Flip4Mac click to open and under the Upgrade tab it will tell you which one you have. If you haven't entered the license that's where you'd do it.

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Please report what it says there. If there's no serial number, enter it there. So maybe it is installed correctly, thanks.

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