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X, Mac OS Here is a list of some of the most common M-Audio drivers that you could use Driver Talent to download and update for your M-Audio devices. By sending your feedback, you agree to the Privacy Policy. E-mail: support drivethelife.

Maschine 2 + M-Audio Fast Track Pro [en-us]

You May Also Like. Latest Articles. We Are Trusted By. So altogether do you delete the 'audiombox. Matias Hlace March 19, Hi Minicus, i had the the same problem and happened the following: I installed the mbox driver and when restarting the mac it gets stucked in the loading bar Bruno Paiva June 24, Minicus, I ca't find that Botton to Download..

Could u help me? Greets How does this make you feel? Minicus, thanks for figuring this out. I followed your instructions, which became clear after opening the zip file. However, the device is still not recognizing. I wonder if there's something else happening. A little update, for clarity in the instructions.

Pro Tools® M-Powered™ Essential - Mac OS X Installation (1 of 3): Driver Installation

I'm still trying to figure out how he got this to work, but his instructions seem sound from a technical perspective. Alberto Galeano February 23, What suppose to happen after complete all the steps? Michael Little July 19, Just done this on my now update mac Mojave Find the two folders above and delete the extensions and reset mac..

Hi sangandongo the only thing I did; I messed around in exchanging the files inside the extensions-file, means took some file of the mbox and put it in the ftpro-file, also the code sign wich I think is the mean reason of all the mess. I can not tell you wich combination at last worked but its the files I uploaded you. The ftpro-prefpanel thinks it's his own extension but i.

Maybe again some difference? Here it works without problems for me I'm using it mostly with logic. Chris Nuvoli February 01, I'm on High Sierra There is no way to codesign the modified drivers on high sierra, it just won't and it won't load the kexts. Any clue? I am installing a sierra virtual machine on my mac to see if the card is usable.

I will report back.

1. M-Audio Drivers Download via M-Audio Website

The card appears in the virtual machine but I can't get any input either. I am starting to think this unit is defective. I was able to make it work under a Yosemite virtual machine but there is lag. I installed Yosemite fresh to an USB drive, there it works. Olivier Lagarde June 09, I have said that several times in this forum.

The update drivers are not more exist since several years for many M-audio devices for Mac.

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Anyone reading this should expect the same from them, The answer is to change manufacture, and tell your friends: buyer beware :- How does this make you feel? Thomas Verloop February 24, I moved to this famous beta and it changes absolutely nothing. I found this on the apple community page: "Mac OS Greets - M. You seem to have a BS answer for everything! Just, "hold out for a few more weeks Send in the CCQ lawyer Jen Armstrong March 06, Jen Armstrong March 07, Really odd. Thomas Verloop February 25, Just updated to 'Mac OS Hey Thomas, did you see the update for the App Store right after enrolling in the program and downloading that feedback app?

Alberto Galeano March 01, I cannot upgrade to Apple problems I'll be waiting for this upgrade!!! Alberto Galeano March 06, Today I updated to FTP is not dead yet!!! Michael Little May 13, Thanks, Thomas I follow your lead ages ago and it's been working for months..

Fast Track USB Drivers

Hi, i had the same problem. Updated to mac os I tried to contact the avid but they are mercenaries, you have to pay to get information. I'll never buy or get any products of this company anymore. I suggest you to contact apple at chat support and communicate this problem, the person with i spoke on chat said that i was the only one that mentioned this problem. So, if we make a complain at apple chat support i believe they make some changes at the next update. I don't trust in avid or m-audio anymore. Loren Fennell March 01, That's BS! I would think with the hundreds if not thousands of innocent people who bought this piece of shit, that a young aggressive lawyer would be all over this!

I'd even contribute a bit of money to sue the bastards! I am more than pissed There are all these people on this site who say, try this, try that, and I think it's all a scam. This reply was removed on Alessio Greco March 02, Hello Guys! Hope to help as many people as possible! Zunder Liches March 05, So the m audio fast track pro runs with I read on the avid side that the last system where it runs is the After i found this page i searched but i could not find the drivers for Thx guys!! Maybe it won't work for everyone, but definitely works for some. Definitely recommend trying updating to Mac OS Ty for comment I did the upgrade and all is right :.

M-Audio FastTrack Pro driver for Yosemite 10.10

Loren Fennell March 07, I'm just a songwriter and producer who needs her gear to work. Loren Fennell March 06, I don't trust Beta. It is a way of them experimenting with your computer. They, the thieves who sold us out because of greed or what ever failure of M-Audio, owe US a fix in collaboration with Apple, Avid, iMusic or, return our money. And, it is a Certified Green Business! It signals that you can and will be duped.

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Frankly, I would rather have my money back. Enough said It's a real shame indeed.. Law suit And laughing all the way to the bank!

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  • Sergey Golovko March 07, After updating to beta That's it. Sergey Golovko March 08, Victor de Sousa March 13, I updated to beta then installed M-Audio 1. Now it works. Loren Fennell March 13, Your high! You work for one of those company crooks? If you install beta, it is a way for them to track you. JJ Phillips March 15, Is it the same problem for the M-audio fast track Ultra? Running High sierra, Hubert Cumberdale March 15, Boyan Anakiev March 27,